Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Our mothers, who make everything beautiful with their love and grow them with their efforts, deserve to be happy. And of course, all of our women who have maternal love and mercy in their hearts and show maternal affection to any creature! When Is Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day, which is celebrated every year in May, […]

Tips for Cooking Rice

Rice  is one of the dishes that is best served with juicy dishes and is indispensable for many people. Although cooking rice seems easy, it is not always easy to get the right consistency. This is why many people ask “how to make good rice?” wonders the answer to the question. There are some tricks […]

Reasons for Using Wooden Spoons While Cooking

We can say that wooden spoons, which are used in ancient times, are found in almost every home. Wooden spoons with a rich cultural background are practical, durable and useful. It is also for life. The wooden spoon would not be wrong to say that one of the timeless cooking utensils. In addition to being […]

How Is Wood Oiled?

Wooden kitchen products are among the preferences of many people, especially due to their long-lasting and healthy use. One of the most important questions about using wooden products in the kitchen is related to the maintenance of wooden kitchen products. In order to use wooden kitchen products for a longer time and in a healthier […]

Production Of Natural Wooden Kitchen Products

Wood is one of the products used in many areas, especially in architecture. It is among the most common materials used in buildings, especially since prehistoric times. The universal and unique nature of the use of wood brought along its artistic use. Today, wooden products are present in almost every aspect of our lives. Its […]

Tray Models Adding Elegance To Presentations

  Treating our guests and loved ones is one of our indispensable habits. Moreover, not only our guests; We would like to pamper our family and ourselves with stylish presentations. We can present the food or drinks we have prepared in a stylish and practical way with trays. Tray models that add elegance to presentations, […]

How To Prepare A Cheese Presentation Plate?

Breakfast is one of the meals that almost all of us love home and take care of the most. Especially on weekends, preparing an elegant breakfast table and having a long breakfast is a great pleasure for many of us. Cheese plates are indispensable for stylish and aesthetic brunch and breakfast tables. Especially in recent […]

Tips For Making Good Dough

Pastries are undoubtedly a part of our lives. Soft pastries, crispy pastries, cakes and cakes accompany the tea time. Especially the pastries that we eat together with our loved ones have a different place. However, let us remind you that it is beneficial to consume the pastries in a balanced way because they are harmful […]

Home Decoration Suggestions With Wire Mesh Decorative Products

Do you know that you can create a perfect atmosphere in home decoration with wicker decorative products? Although decoration trends constantly change, we know that natural details are always at the forefront. Especially in recent years, accessories that provide a natural and friendly atmosphere to the environment have started to be used more in home […]

Natural Cutting Board Cleaning Method

Cutting boards are one of the most used materials in kitchens. Although there are cutting boards made of different materials, the use of natural cutting boards is common. The fact that natural cutting boards are healthy to use and suitable for long-lasting use are some of the important factors in choosing. Natural cutting board cleaning […]

How Should A Chopping Board Be?

2Chopping board is one of the most frequently used kitchen utensils in food preparation, both in professional kitchens and at home. Since the chopping board is in direct contact with food, it is extremely important that it is made of the right material. The chopping board found in almost every kitchen can be harmful to […]

Wooden Roller Models

Pastries are among the most popular foods on our tables. Who can say no to delicious foods such as baklava, börek, ravioli, noodles? Rollers and rolling pins are one of our biggest helpers in making delicious pastries. There are rolls and rolling pins in almost every kitchen. In other words, we can say that rollers […]

31st Zuchex Online Home And Kitchenware Fair

The 31st International Zuchex Home and Kitchenware Fair will be held online on 16-20 November 2020. As Zembu, we will take our place in the online platform.

3 Practical Methods For Cleaning Wood Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are one of the items that stand out with their functional use and are found in almost every kitchen. The cutting board is used for chopping vegetables, fruits, bread, cheese, greens and meat. Although there are boards produced with different materials such as plastic and glass, the use of wooden cutting board models […]

Gift Ideas For The New Year 2021

The excitement of entering a new year started to increase with the approach of December. With the difficult and troubled year of 2020, almost all of us are eagerly awaiting the New Year. Yes, the most exciting day of the year is just around the corner. “What gift is bought on New Year’s Eve, what […]

30th International Zuchex Home And Kitchenware Fair

We are waiting for you at the 30th International Zuchex Home and Kitchenware Fair, which will be held on 12-15 September 2019, at our Booth No. 4 Hall A-32. Address: Tüyap Fair and Congress Center Büyükçekmece / İstanbul Stand: 4th Hall A-32 Stand Tel: 0532 674 50 00